Is it truly possible that there is a link between disease and a persons thoughts or spiritual wellness? If one takes a closer look at modern genetics; Specifically Epigenetics, one may come to a better understanding of the connection.

Our genes can be manipulated through our environment. Experiences of a Great Grand Parent can be imprinted in your DNA , due to sensitive information being passed down in the epigenome.  However, notably just the inheritance of a defective gene does not necessarily lead to subsequent illness. Genes must be activated (switched on or off), Resulting in only activated genes triggering a pathological change. These changes are introduced through ones environment. On a very basic level this environment is the environment created for our cells due to our thoughts and emotions on a chemical level.  These chemical markers or tags can effect the amount of a gene expressed, or if its ever expressed at all. So notably there is a connection between the mental and the physical at a very fundamental level.

The Brain in it’s entirety which includes a Persons thoughts; repetitive contemplation’s and Feelings (especially those of a subconscious nature), are intimately connected with such activation’s. Once Activated the disease or illness manifests.

As a young child I persistently contracted Tonsillitis. Every year from about the age of 3 until 7. I looked up what may be the spiritual cause for my repeatedly contracting this each and every year.  I looked it up and found the following: Tonsillitis: Fear.Repressed emotions. Stifled creativity. Well to my surprise I must say that this is true! As a young child during those ages, I wanted to do ballet. I was raised by my Grandma who would play spiritual music to which I would pretend to be a Ballerina. I think I did a pretty good job. I wanted her to recognize my dancing and suggest “would you like to go to dance class?” Well, that never happened. I felt stifled creatively because of my repressing my desire. Perhaps on a deeper level I was looking for affirmation that I could actually be a Ballerina and that I was doing nicely. Either way, it totally makes sense to me. See the link below to Kathy Hadley’s list of disease conditions and their possible causes.

Spiritual Disease Conditions


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