Sun Charged Water.. Benefits and Theories…

Sun Nutrition / Energy

Some of the irrefutable benefits of drinking sun charged water are the anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

There are many theories out there about different ways to use word or sound infusions (see the link below to Dr. Emotu’s water consciousness display); to different crystals or metals to supercharge the water, all in conjunction with the sunlight to attract it’s most energizing properties.

For instance, it is said that you can place a copper penny underneath your water when placing it in the sun. Because of the fact that copper is a superconductor, it is said to aid in infusing the water with the sun’s energy.  It is recommended that pennies prior to 1981 be used as they are composed of 95 % copper VS the 97.5  composition of zinc in all pennies from 1982 forward.

From those who drink sun charged water, there have been reports of increased energy, an overall feeling of rejuvenation, looking more physically attractive and even being able to heal without the assistance of medication from some previously encountered illnesses. Other times, it was reported that when Sun Charged Water was used in conjunction with prescribed medications or herbal remedies, that the healing was noticeably better and faster. It would be easy to test this out for yourself as Sun Charged Water is said to be beneficial both internally and topically.

I personally drink sun charged water and can say that it has given me increased energy. I feel renewed with a heightened sense of well-being on the days that I am able to drink the evening before. As a matter of fact, I am still drinking some now! Its the wee hours of the AM! I may need to consider consuming it earlier! I like to infuse mine with sounds and positive affirmations prior to drinking as well. For more information on the benefits of sun-charged water, including a how to- do’s and don’ts guide, click the first link below.  For more information on how sound and intentions affect water click the second link below.

Benefits of sun charged water

Dr. Emotu’s display of water consciousness

**Sources Source: Sun Yogi at


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