What lies within? Go Deep! *Intuition*


I saw a post on my personal Facebook page that basically stated that no matter what is perceived externally, internally we are always calm.  Although it seems like a very simple statement, and somewhat unlikely,it resonated with me immediately. Lets face it, there are many times that we feel anything but calm on the inside

There have been times in my life where I have made decisions at a moments notice that really were against what I wanted to do at that time or were different than what I would typically do.  Either way,  I always have had a very deep sense of calm overcome me at those times.

One of these times, I was about 6 months pregnant with my second son. My Husband had just returned from boot camp training with the Army Reserves. I had not seen him for about 13 weeks. It seemed like an eternity! He had purchased a small used car for us to get around in and asked me did I want to go with him and our first son to his moms house. Well now let me tell you… His mom was an excellent cook and just a great homemaker over all!  There is no reason that I would not have wanted to go with him especially at 6 months pregnant. Yet, when he asked me… I calmly said “no”.  As he and my young son walked out, I felt somewhat confused as to why I said no when I really wanted to go.

That very trip, my Husband and young son were in an accident 😦 . He  ended up flipping  the car. Thankfully, they were unharmed and he was able to get our son out of the car unassisted.  I do not even want to imagine what may have been the case had I been in the car.  I would have been sitting in the passengers seat where the car landed. Luckily my son was so small that the impact of the car landing on his side did not affect him because he was hanging upside down.

I had no explanation then and I have no explanation now as to why I said “no”. It came from somewhere deep within. The sense of peace that I felt at that time seemed to restrain me with its embrace.   We can be so seemingly disconnected from ourselves due to our tendency to focus externally.   Meditation or just setting aside some private time to center ourselves can help us connect to that calm that lies within.  That calm is the energy that fosters our (In)tuition. So no matter how things may seem on the exterior, there is always a calm that resides in each and everyone of us! Go deep!


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