The (Eternal) Kiss…

It is said that Love never dies.  Well the Hasanlu Lovers set out to prove that with a kiss.  The Hasanlu lovers were unearthed in 1972 from the Teppe Hasanlu, located in northwest Iran. Despite the familiarity of this image, many are unaware of the story. The area had been burned out after a Military attack. Persons fighting on both sides were killed in a fast spreading fire that overtook the entire town.It is likely that the Lovers died of asphyxiation.


The University of Pennsylvania determined that the couple died together around 800 BC.   They were found in an empty bin where they were most likely hiding from soldiers. It appears that the skeletons were kissing before they died-As if to  signify that love is Eternal! That is one Heck of a Kiss that has stood the test of time!



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