A Few Things to Consider Before Using Herbal Remedies…

  • Safety First– Herbal Medicine does not come without risk or consequence if not used correctly.
  • Know What Herbs you are taking– There are some 300,000 higher plant species that are all chemically distinct. Whatever new herb, medicine or food you’re taking, learn as much as you can about what to expect from it.
  • Confirm the diagnosis- Diagnosing illness is a separate art from treatment. Use care in considering whether to have diagnosing done by a Physician or an Herbalist.
  • Watch out for side effects.- All medicines, natural or synthetic, have side effects.
  • Be alert for allergic reactions-Even if you have no known allergies, you might be allergic to a new herb, food or drug
  • Beware of interactions.-Pharmaceutical medicines sometimes interact badly with each other, as well as with herbs and foods.
  • Open communication.-Many people listen to both their physicians and their herbalists and do what both advise. Tell your physician and your herbalist about all the medicines you’re taking as well as any unusual foods you might be eating.



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