Moon Charged Water and its Purposes…

I love sun charged water! But for the last 2 days it has been rainy and or otherwise not very sunny. I am truly not complaining as I am fortunate to live in a place that I am able to drink solar charged water year round! moon

I have my bottle in the window and have not removed it. It occurred to me that it has been getting moon charged. I looked and I can see the tell-tale condensation that suggests its ready to be drank.

I researched the Benefits of drinking moon water. Outside of purifying drinking water, I found that it is used for many spiritual/reiki healing purposes.

  •  Blessing water…
  •  Added to bath water for relaxation, clarity, to promote love
  •  Anoint money to increase wealth,
  •  Anoint yourself to increase psychic awareness…
  •  Make tea
  •  Water your plants

I am not really drawn to the moon water. Sorry moon people …  I am of the Sun! But for those who are interested in reading more about moon charged water see the source info below.




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