Signs of Aging-How Facial Yoga Can Help

Some argue that just as the body requires exercise to maintain it’s form, so does your face. Others would say that exercising the face would cause the very signs of aging that are
trying to be remedied.

A few of the tell-tale signs of aging (wrinkles, lines, and sagging) are typically addressed through creams, lotions, scrubs and peels.  If not through these methods, then costly cosmetic procedures such as facial fillers, Botox treatments and face lifts. I will not demonize any particular procedure, however if there is a less costly, less invasive procedure that brings reasonable results, why not try it?

Well, lets look at some of the facts behind it with regards to one cause for aging, (sagging). People see sagging skin and feel that there is little that can be done outside of some sort of cosmetic surgery. This may be true depending on the severity of the sagging and the results you expect.


There are 43 muscles in the face that can be toned! Just the same way you train your body at the gym, the facial muscles too can be trained. The cause for the appearance of sagging skin is that the muscles are actually sagging. The skin being attached to the muscle then also begins to sag.  Creams and lotions, may be somewhat effective, depending on the severity of the sagging and the desired effect. However, creams and lotions can only treat the surface effects of the aging, they cannot tighten the muscle.

We can add five to ten years to our face through ordinary routine actions that we do each and every day, such as sleeping on one side of the face often, chewing on one side of your mouth more often and even how you talk and text on your phone!  The good thing is that it has been reported that Facial Yoga is very effective in taking the clock back.

My mom told me many years ago of the importance of facial exercises and gave me a few to do. Until this day ( earlier tonight to be exact), I was carded to purchase wine for dinner. The clerk commented that she could not believe my age. Perhaps it’s because I listened to Mom and did my facial exercises!  Either way  I am looking forward to a regular regimented routine to see if I can take off another five!

If you are interested in learning more about facial Yoga, see the source info and additional links below.


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