Your Brain is Interactive and Responds to your suggestions…


The Brain is made up of 100 Billion cells called Neurons. If you had a second for every one of your brain cells, you would have 3,172 Years! Everything you do stems from your neurons making new connections.

For Example:  A newly walking Toddler...
When the child first begins to walk, groups of Neurons communicate through synaptic firing causing Neuron Teams which caused the child to begin to walk.

Initially the child would fall easily, but with practice walks easily and even begins to run. This is due to the Neurons working together better and getting used to working as a team.

At first, The child  will have to  think about walking to the kitchen and their body will perform the requested action. Eventually the brain forms those neurons subconsciously and the action is performed without thinking. The most common action we perform subconsciously on a daily basis that is deiving (for example)

In the early years…

Until the age of 6 a child is 100 percent of the time in a subconscious state of mind. This basically means that they take on without censoring all of the information from their environment. At the age of 12 that changes and a child is then in a semi-hypnotic state, making them highly suggestible. These are very highly formative years in a child’s life. They are likely to take what they are told, how they are treated and their perceptions of events for the truth. So for instance if someone tells a child that they are silly, stupid, or can’t draw, they may take this for being true and act accordingly.

Your brain responds to your suggestions…

When you think you cannot do something, your brain forms neurons that will actually keep you from performing that task! The good news is that your brain can form new neurons and pathways at any time. The opportunity to learn and expand due to the number of neurons each of us have equals to the number of grains of sands on all of the beaches in the entire world! We can replace any group of neurons that are not allowing us to achieve any goal or live up to our full potential.

What we think determines how we perform. We cannot separate what we think from who we are, because who we are comes from our brains. All that we know, all that we are,comes from the way the neurons are connected and the way those teams are formed. So Think about it! Whether you think you can or you think you can’t… You are RIGHT!

Source: How The Brain Works… MsThinkology


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