Age ain’t Nothin but a Number- Here’s why

Most people seek to find that fountain of youth or that one “Super Food’ or Supplement that can turn back the clock or bring that youthful glow that somehow has gone missing with time.

While time/age seems to dictate the aging process, it is only one piece of the puzzle. The very foundation of (how) we age regardless of our actual age has to do with a compound structure at the end of the chromosomes called a “telomere”. Telomeres are found in all the cells in your entire body. They are Pivotal to youthful cell function. An enzyme called telomerase can slow, stop or perhaps even reverse the telomere shortening that happens as we age.

How We Mature…

In order order for us to grow to maturity, our cells must divide. Telomerase adds a few short single-stranded DNA repeats to the ends of chromosomes. As  the cells divide the telomeres get shorter and shorter. Once the telomeres reach a critical low level they can no longer be replicated and die. This causes cell death and ultimately the appearance of ageing.

As We Age…

Babies are born with telomeres ranging in length from around 8,000 to 13,000 base pairs. This number tends to decline by around 20-40 base pairs each year. Therefore, by the time someone is 40 years old they could have lost up to 1,600 base pairs from their telomeres. Telomeres sit at the end of strands of DNA, like the protective caps on shoelaces. Stress from a rough lifestyle will shorten those caps, making it more likely that cells will stop dividing and essentially die. Too many of the cells going into a death or senescent state accelerates the aging process.

What can be done with this knowledge?

Research on telomeres and the role of telomerase will not only unlock some of the mysteries of “healthy” aging,  understanding cellular aging may help us understand and prevent certain age-associated diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

You can protect or Elongate your telomeres with the Right Foods!

As mentioned, telomeres are comparable to the caps on our shoelaces for our DNA. Studies are being done on how our diets can be used to preserve the length, or elongate our telomeres!  It has been noted that a plant based diet rich in Folate, antioxidants, Vitamins A, C, E and Selenium, Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D are associated with longer telomeres.

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    Age is nothing but a # for I myself have always been told I was so young man with an old soul.

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      True indeed!


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    Very good research you have done :).


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      Thank you!


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