The Fictional Intruder- A confession by “me”

via Daily Prompt: fictional Intruder

Take a leap down a rabbit hole with Alice? Play what with who? Well of course I know who Harry Potter is, and yes I get the point of the #postaday assignment. I just know that even though there is no shortage of fictional characters to choose from, none of them can I pen to be my muse. I just don’t have it in me in a day to fantasize about things that I don’t intend to create. I do however like to say things with a spin on words, so here is my take…

The real “Fictional Intruder” is far harder to detect. You can find it everywhere on everyone’s mind’s and at the base of every set. Sometimes sold as a cup of comfort based on the “absolute” on ice served with a side dish of the truth. Once you sip it, you find it’s a crippler through and through. Once you get a taste of your side dish you may not have much taste for your real food. Inside you struggle to see what is right and true in what was said to you. You find so much contentment in what was written vs what was said.

It only matters simply because the seeds you’ve allowed inside your head. You water them daily with doubt of how you feel …so much goes unfulfilled and unsaid. Living for a day that may never come to pass. But you are spiritual …cling to this earth…whats meant to be will come to pass. The Real Fictional Intruder On the broadest level over all is fear. On a deeper level how it chooses to operate is pretty clear. Clear to those who are truly meant to see. It’s Esoteric, so that could mean you,that could mean me!  Please accept my spin on the words and the interpretation of the theme. It’s my contribution, I offer to you… Signed humbly  and penned by Me. 🙂


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  1. spirituallymentalyinclinedtolisten says:

    Amazing insight. Great spiritual explanational lesson I got from this. ♡


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