Answer in the Sky..Cumulus Clouds

via Daily Word Prompt 37 “Dreaming” — All About Writing and more


I awakened feeling as if I was 12 …yet felt a hole in my heart because I realized that you were not there… What made me awake with this feeling? I look up and see the sky as my ceiling… what a beautiful sight! A sky so blue and clouds so fluffy and white!! I allow what I am feeling to take me over… a tear runs down my face and eventually falls to my shoulder.

As I keep looking to the sky in the deepest of my thoughts, I can see the scenery changing. The sky, not so blue… Those fluffy white clouds …they are no longer the same… and then amidst it all,  the rain slowly starts to fall.

Those same clouds once white are now dark, that sky once blue now fades to gray… and I contemplate what caused this change?

Those clouds absorbed all that they could…That darkest cloud held all that it would…Just like the seasons do change.. just as it should the rain then came.

I keep looking to the sky and I no longer wonder why..I’ve absorbed all that I could… I’ve held back all that I would! My feelings would no longer be denied and I found my answer… Yes (my answer) in the sky.

The sky is blue again.. Clouds are again fluffy and white. It’s a process so natural yet for each its not the same…And I have come to know that in (this world) the Journey is too short between Love and Pain. And as strange and eclectic as it all may seem, you should dream to live, but remember you must sleep to dream!

The daily word prompt is Dreaming The daily word prompt can be used for a poem,story, photographs, art, song lyrics, letters,and you could even use it to tell us all a little more about yourself. Link back from your blog or leave in the comment section below.


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  1. mindbodyandsoul1010 says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:

    About as close to lucid dreaming as I have gotten so far…


  2. spirituallymentalyinclinedtolisten says:

    I want and am going to make my dreams come true. Life has brought a lot of pain in the name of love. But that love has taught me to even love more just to be more careful. To accomplish your dreams of course for must people it require a lot of work and time. But you know what they say.. Hard work eventually pays off in the end.


    1. mindbodyandsoul1010 says:

      Indeed it does! Keep your eye on the prize!!


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