He said…She said…”I do not date outside my race”…

He said: “I really like your style, the way you dress…”

She said:” Oh really so pleased that I impress…It’s nice to meet you , or so at least I can somewhat guess..”.

He said: I don’t mean to offend…Just trying to say hi. and wanted to let you know that  your dress is really  kinda nice… Why would I lie? I’d like to get to know you, Maybe we can spend some time…”

She Said: “Just to get by, I don’t know why boys lie… besides i’m really so shy.. you know the type that doesn’t open up unless she’s getting really …Hi..Tim… Yeah whats good… No…I wasn’t really talkin to him… Hey lets catch up to Ren…If you trying to put in on the extracurricular i’m in it for ten.”He said she said

Then She walked away…went back to her hood that day. She never saw him again. Well that was until 5:02pm on March what do you know the 10th!  It had been so many years and they had both more than matured. There was an instant attraction. Yet it was one that was rare, innocent.. kinda pure. They started talking often went for walks and very frequently to amusement parks and fairs.  Everyone thought they were just the cutest of all the young people their age whether solo or in pairs.

They spoke of Their dreams wishes and aspirations.They thought it funny that they were both so cool but neither one of them taken.

They really enjoyed spending time with each other… True  blue Friends. He’d cook  her dinners, buy her flowers and often would helped her wash her hair.  She’d bring him lunch, help him with his laundry and helped him pick out his Dining and living Room chairs. When he tore his favorite sweater,she was there to mend the tears.

Her friends would tease her and say she was the honey in his tea!  She said:  OH NO! He’s just my friend and lovers we are not. That could never ever be. They did share a lot in common but their differences were there for all to see. She couldn’t fathom how a romantic relationship with him after all would be.

By this time it had been one year since they had reunited once again.  Him Being so thoughtful, he planned a nice dinner and invited all their friends. He told her he had something to tell her looking over at their guests. Although his heart was pounding fast, he figured her worth the risk.  He said:” There’s something I would like to say,  I have really been thinking of this for quite some time and all”…She looked down and noticed  a red box …a tear floated her eye and slowly started to fall.

He said: “Oh baby I wanted to tell you I love you.  I hate to see your beautiful eyes cry… Aren’t you happy my love? Please, wont you tell me why?”  She jumped up from the table crying out that she did’t know how much more she could take!  She seemingly searched for the words as her voice started to quiver, crack and shake…

She said : “I do not know how to say this.  I didn’t mean to lead you on for goodness sake.. Your such a great friend. A really nice guy. a rare and true find. We’ve shared so much of everything and I can’t believe this is coming up so late, but after all this time, I thought you knew… I don’t date outside my race”.


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