Chayote -The new Vegetable that is not so new…


Chayote is a relatively new veggie in US that comes from Middle and South America but was the staple food for the Aztec Indians for hundreds of years.  There are so many health benefits to Chayote.

Health Benefits

Chayote is high in Vitamins C,B,K and antioxidants similar to those in green tea. Chayote containing only 40 calories.  The leaves are edible and can be sauteed and used in salads. Being a fat free food containing less than a tenth of a gram of fat per fruit, and no cholesterol at all, Chayote is a very healthy food. Chayote has been known to have the following health benefits:

  • Dissolves Kidney and Bladders Stones
  • Arteriosclerosis-Helps fight against hardening of arteries
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Lots of Trace Minerals

For more information on Chayote and the benefits visit the source info



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