Okra- These Lady Fingers Will do More than Hold your Hands.


Health Benefits of Okra

One of the most noted Health Benefits of Okra is its Fiber content.  Being high in Mucilaginous fiber, okra helps move food through your digestive tract by adding bulk, and ultimately aids in lowering Cholesterol.

Although Not the Most Conventional Vegetable around, Okra is very Rich in vitamins, minerals and Fiber.  The Vitamin A content in okra, important for good vision . Other nutrients include thiamin, vitamin B6, calcium, niacin, phosphorus and copper.

Because it’s an ancient crop, Okra was used and known for it’s medicinal properties. The leaves were used for pain relief and urinary problems. In the Congo, it was a remedy to help ensure a safe delivery for pregnant mothers. In Malaya, the root has been applied as a treatment for Syphlis.

The mucilage has even been used as a plasma replacement and topically as a moisturizer. Cooked down and added to water, it’s referred to as “supreme” for people suffering weakness or depression.  Okra is also currently used to treat lung inflammation and sore throat. To go along with its traditional uses, Okra also helps to maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes.

For More information on the heath Benefits of Okra see the source information ; Source info 2.


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