Tomatillo…The Sweet yet Spicy Cousin of the Tomato



Sweet and Spicy Tomatillo

Tomatillo, also known as Tomate,  are small spherical shaped Berries in the tomato family of fruits/ Vegetables. They are however most often considered and served as a vegetable.  It’s tart and sweet flavors make it much sought after as a key ingredient in Central American dishes.

Origin and Class

Originating in Mexico, they were cultivated by the Aztecs centuries before the Spanish explorers introduced it elsewhere.  Tomatillo are a member of the nightshade family with some of its close cousins being the tomato, ground-cherry, Potato, chili peppers and eggplant.  They have similar growth characteristics as that of tomatoes. They reach about 30-60 cm in height and bear bright yellow colored flowers which appear about 60 days after seedling.  Yet, unlike tomatoes, Tomatillo berry develops inside thin, semi-transparent calyx on the interior. Once it’s fully matured, its juicy pulp features tiny seeds just as in the tomatoes.

Health Benefits

  • Low in calories-can be beneficial to Weight Loss as it is also very nutrient Dense
  • Beneficial to Digestive Health due to the High Fiber content
  • Anti-Cancer properties due to unique antioxidant phytochemicals. Namely, withanolides
  • Beneficial to Immune System Health due to its vitamin C Content
  • Assists with Vision Health due to its Vitamin A content
  • Helps Energy Levels: due to the Niacin content
  • Aids Blood Pressure and Heart Health due to the positive ratio of Potassium to Sodium

For detailed information on the noted health benefits … Please see the source information noted below.




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