Lemon Essential Oils… Known to be the “Most Essential” of the Essential oils. Let’s see why…

Lemon Essential Oils

The Fairest of them all or just the most commonly used?

Lemon Essential Oil is considered to be on of the most beneficial essential oils to have on hand.  That is quite impressive as essential oils over all are very powerful agents.  I was shocked to learn how much more potent oils extracted from plants ( essential oils) truly are!  Additionally to explain their household popularity, Lemons have many practical uses.  These little home remedies range from use in the Laundry, to utilization as a teethe whitener. Lemon oil can help with improving ones mood and provide immune support through using a diffuser.

More than just a disinfectant with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties

As touched on, Lemons are a go to in so many homes as a disinfectant and to cleanse over all. In fact the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties encompass most daily use  in our homes and work places.  As impressive as that may be, it’s cleansing power does not stop there.  It cleanses one internally, and does so in a large way by virtually clearing toxins from any part of the body!

Some other well known benefits of Lemon oil range from: Cough relief, Prevention of mal-absorption, improves digestion, and promotes weight loss. The less common yet perhaps one of the most beneficial components of Lemon essential oil is its D-Limonene content. What is D-Limonene? It’s a very powerful antioxidant that fights cancer!  It’s Powerful and Lemon oil  contains up to 70% D-Limonene. Another note worthy fact is that Lemon Essential oil comes from the peel of the fruit and not the inner fruit! The Peel is the most nutrient dense Part of the lemon in terms of fat soluble Phytonutrients.  However, Please note that if you utilize the Lemon peel in any smoothies or juices please be sure to only use Organic Lemons. The pesticides in non-organic lemon rinds could be harmful to ones health. There are at least 519 scientific studies being conducted on the benefits and uses of Essential oils!  Clearly,  they are certainly worth looking into further for yourself!

For more detailed information on the practical yet beneficial Health Benefits of  Lemon essential oils, and how they can be utilized into your system of well care, see the source info noted below.




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