What are Cartenoids and why Tomatoes are one of the best sources…


What are Cartenoids

Cartenoids are identified by their orange yellow and red colors in the plant and vegetable world and carries their own individual benefits.  Even still, they work together in a synergistic manner to provide even more benefits.

How Cartenoids benefit the body

Belonging to the antioxidant family,  Cartenoids help protect the body from cellular damage, some chronic diseases and even the effects of aging.  There are 4 groups of Cartenoids and Tomatoes contain all 4! Notably, this compound cannot by synthesized by humans or animals.  So the only way for us to get this beneficial compound is through eating plant based fruits and vegetables.

The Individual Benefits

The individual contribution of each Cartenoid is impressive enough. But the synergistic relationship increases their overall health benefits exponentially.  Alpha and Beta-carotene over all helps maintain healthy skin and bones, good vision, and a robust immune system. lutein protects your eyes and skin.  Lycopene help maintain and support- Strong bones, a healthy heart, and has anti-cancer properties. There are so many health benefits in Tomatoes. To read on, see the various articles below …






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