One Better Decision at a Time…

One Better Decision at a time…

Sometimes we find ourselves anxious to make the changes that we need to make in our lives. Yet, our approaches to changes can either sabotage or Bolster our likelihood of success in any given venture or goal.One thing is for certain, everything does not work for everybody! So there is no need to compare yourself to others. Often times the road to making a lasting change, starts with making one Better Decision at a time.

Choose for yourself…

It’s not just the changes that we make that determine the likelihood of success, it’s also the reasons why.   Many times we do not go about it the right way because of taking well meaning advice or comparing ourselves to others.  The fact of the matter is that although others certainly can inspire and assist us on our journey to achieve our goals, any decisions made is ours and affects us personally, so we’d be wise to do the choosing for ourselves.  What works for some does not work for others and the factors that play into that are many. Therefore, do what is right for you personally and make changes based on things that are pertinent to you and your own personal health and goals.

Start Small…

Some find that one approach to starting new goals and incorporating healthy habits is to start small one meal or snack at a time. Often times, when starting off with healthier choices earlier in the day, it’s easier to make better choices throughout the day. Just today for instance, I started with choosing some Watermelon over a bag of Potato chips. That Lead to choosing a Veggie Wrap for Lunch and subsequently a Spelt Pasta with stir fried red peppers onions and Kale over a Ramen Noodle!

So Start small and take it one decision at a time ( if) that resonates with you! Some prefer to go cold turkey in every way and start fasting with herbs and different Juices. That is also okay if that is your choice! The real best choice is the choice that you feel is right for yourself!  I made some great decisions, and I feel great about them. However I do give myself freedom to choose to eat whatever I wish!  .. I will do an article on Spelt , but in the meantime see the health benefits of Kale and Bell Peppers under the noted pictures below. I am very pleased with adding those to my choice of foods today :).




Health Benefits of  Kale:

Health Benefit of Bell Peppers:


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