Why Grandmothers are Important…The answer Will Surprise You!

Me and gma2

Why are Grandma’s so Important?

If you ever ask the question why Grandmothers are important, you are likely to hear answers such as:  “Grandmothers always seem to have the patience that mothers don’t” or “Grandmothers let you get away with just about anything!” Although true for most, the real reason that they are so important may be a little surprising.

The Genetic Link

epigenetics-Mom 1

When a female is pregnant what happens nutritionally from generation to generation, environmental factors, exposure to drugs, radiation, stress and the like are very important not only to the mother and the baby but also the grandchildren who are to come.  While still in-utero  a developing females fetus has all of the eggs that she will (ever have) developing at that time. Therefore, the condition of the Grandmothers pregnancy is very important because she is not only developing her baby, but also her own grandchildren! So you see the eggs that formed (you) actually developed in the environmental context of your Grandmother’s pregnancy. That’s the Genetic Link and why many feel that family members have a soul connection and have somewhat always been together.

Fathers are not to be left out

Now Fathers are not to be left out!  They play a large role also. There have been studies conducted that show that the conditions of a young male from the age of 9 to 12 does plays a role in the health of their children and grandchildren.  In fact one study conducted reviewed boys under a great deal of stress during times of war and famine. It was determined that their grandchildren had a higher predisposition to diabetes and heart disease. The Paternal link is not as well understood as the Maternal link, yet there is clearly a connection.

Understanding the relationship to Environment and Gene Expression…

It was not realized until very recently (2008), how powerful the environmental factors and conditions at the time of pregnancy are in relation to transmitting information which may determine how our genes are expressed even a generation or so down the line. This is where the need to understand Epigenetics comes in.  Epigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.  Epigenetics is changing our understanding of the relation to environmental factors and who we are.  Look at the video noted below. I was amazed!




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