Product Review: Chandrika- An Ayurvedic Beauty Solution

With so many beauty products and soaps being manufactured, it can be difficult to find products that are affordable, effective and free from harmful chemicals.  An affordable product may not be so effective. A product that is effective, may not be very affordable or free from harmful chemicals.  What is the answer? Are there any solutions?


What is Ayurvedic/ Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a word from Sanskrit – the ancient language of India – that translates as knowledge or science of life. Ayurveda originated some 5,000 years ago in the oral teachings of ancient rishis (pronounced ree-shees), or spiritual masters, who believed that all living things were based on underlying energies. They developed Ayurveda as a method for balancing these energies and thus promoting optimal health and longevity.

Chandrika- an Ayurvedic Beauty Solution

Our skin is the largest and most visible organ of our bodies. Our skin clearly reflects our overall state of health. Avoiding exposure to toxic chemicals is an important step to preserving beautiful skin and good health. Chandrika Soap gently cleans, moisturizes and conditions the skin without the use of hormones or other chemical agents that can be harmful to the health.


Ingredients in Chandrika Soap

  • Orange Oil: anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, tonic
  • Patchouli Oil: promotes relaxation
  • Palmarosa Oil: helps reduce skin bacteria and stimulate healing
  • Cinnamon Leaf Oil: aphrodisiac, antiseptic, tonic
  • Wild Ginger Oil: anti-inflammatory, relaxant, stimulates skin circulation
  • Sandalwood Oil: natural deodorant, antifungal, healing
  • Lime Peel Oil: astringent, antifungal 


Ingredients in Most Traditional Bar Soaps:


  • Sodium Tallowate
    Hog/cow fat (lard) salts, includes accumulated toxins
  • Titanium dioxide
    Metal paint pigment
  • PEG
    Synthetic surfactant
  • Triclocarban
    Synthetic bactericidal’s and preservatives
  • Triclosan
    Halogenated hydrocarbons
  • Pentetates
    Chelating agents
  • Laureth/Lauryl Sulfates
    Laundry detergent


Need a Time-out?

leaf face

If you need a break from the daily application of chemicals and are looking for an economical facial soap, Chandrika is an excellent option. If you are searching for these qualities in all of your health care and beauty products, go Ayurvedic! Have you considered chemical free beauty alternatives? What types of beauty products are you currently using? If you have any good ones, comment below!


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