What Type Of Tree Are You?

Tree’s are important.  Not only are they the biggest plants on the planet, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife. They also provide us with the materials for tools and shelter (Regent’s Park, “Why are trees so important?”, 2017).


“As in the days of  a Tree, so my people will be”...

Tree’s have been the topic of many fables, parables and folktales throughout the decades. They have been a very consistent universal tool used to convey many different morals and concepts. This is evident in any number of  Tree Folktales,  and in such works as the Tree and the Axe- an Aesops Fable.  Last, but not least, Jesus also conveyed larger universal messages through using trees as illustrations.


The Steadfast Ficus Tree

I was speaking with a friend recently and was sharing some personal truths that I have observed about myself over the years.  My friend simply stated, “Ficus tree, you are like a ficus tree!”  I didn’t really know anything about the Ficus tree in particular, so I was curious to know why.   I was told that like the Ficus tree, I grow very well when nurtured, and can even maintain for some time under neglected conditions. Yet will eventually give way to harsh/ conditions of lack. The Roots of the Ficus tree run very deep and are firmly established in the ground. There were some other points made and that led me to want to learn more.

I did some research and found that there are 850 identified species of Ficus.  Many of which produce edible fruit. Its fruit is actually considered to be on of the first fruits cultivated by humans. The Ficus, in particular, has a huge importance in religion.  But not just in the Christian denominations as referenced earlier. The Ficus is also an important symbol in the Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism sectors as well.


A Little Background on the Ficus Tree and Usage in Jesus’s Parable

Interestingly as well, Jesus spoke of a Ficus ( fig tree) in one of his parables. In the Parable, Jesus cursed the Ficus ( fig)  tree for not bearing fruit,( although it was out of season to do so).  Seems harsh but upon closer look,  One would find that the fruit of the Fig tree comes in before the leaves. The leaves on this particular tree where present, so although out of season, the leaves being present would indicate that the tree should have fruit. Therefore Jesus proceeded to curse the (barren Fig tree).  One might say the moral of the Parable is that we must bear spiritual fruit and not just have the appearance of such.

There are so many personal and spiritual truths that I get from that one illustration. Yet it brings me full circle to the reason for this blog. My being like a Ficus tree has actually been one of the forerunning factors to what I am doing at this very moment.

My Friend is a Chinese Bamboo. It may take them a while to break ground, but once they do, the skies the limit, and with a quickness! What type of tree are you? Comment below!







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