Acidic Foods- How They Affect The Body…


mucus factor or cover

Acidic Foods can be so damaging to the body because they create an environment in which disease flourishes. Mostly impart to the fact that they are mucus producing. Mucus has been linked to every disease that is formed in the body.


acidic foods

High blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, vitamin and mineral depletion, heart disease, brain tumors, emotional disorders are just some of the side effects of some of the most acidic foods that are consumed regularly in a lot of peoples diets.


See that list below: (Seven of the Most Acidic Foods)


soft drinks

  1. Cola/Soft Drinks
  2. Ice Cream
  3. Sugar
  4. Hydrogenated/Trans Fats
  5. MSG
  6. Yeast
  7. Sweeteners


For more information on which one of these foods causes some of the noted issues above along with healthier habits and foods to replace those … Continue reading the source article at the link below.


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