Some Things To Consider “BEFORE” Oil Pulling.

oil pull girl
 Q: What is Oil Pulling?
A: It’s a process where you swish a small amount of coconut oil around in your mouth in order to kill unfriendly bacteria, keeping your whole mouth clean and fresh.- It is not a new practice. It is Ayurvedic in nature and over 3000 years old.
Q: How Does Oil Pulling Work?
A: fatty molecules in the oil attract and bond with the fatty membrane that surrounds each microorganism cell. Once you spit out the oil after it has done its job, the collected bacteria goes out with it.
I found these helpful tips on a website literally called ask the See below under ( some things to consider). I personally do not agree with 7 and 8, yet, I am presenting the information as stated.
Some Things to Consider….
1. Oil pulling can’t replace flossing and brushing.
2. Oil pulling is a great replacement for mouthwash and can improve gut health
3. Choose an organic, high-quality oil.
4. Oil pulling isn’t kid-friendly.
5. Oil pulling is not a cure-all.
6. Oil pulling is safe during pregnancy.
7. Oil pulling does not whiten teeth. ( I personally disagree)
8. Oil pulling does not treat TMJ/TMD.- (I disagree and have read comments in the source that also found some relief from oil pulling.)
Have you ever oiled pulled? Share any experiences or feedback below.
Read more on each point referenced at Ask the Dentist:
Other references:

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