How To Narrow Down Your Interests to get Focused on Your Goals.

We are 1 week into the new year and there has been a lot of talk about goals and things that are to be accomplished for 2018.  For some of us, there is no shortage of interests, which may make pinpointing goals and the directions to even get started that much more difficult.  Here are a few ways to assist in narrowing down your interests in order to get focused on your goals.

First, determine what projects or interests are most important to you. List your projects or interests in no particular order on a sheet of paper.

Secondly, employ a process of elimination as a method to narrow down the list. Do so by asking which items on the list may not be as important as the others. Keep doing so in order of importance until you have your top 3 items.


Next,  take your top 3 items and separate them each on a new document. From here you will want to expand on the ways in which you can utilize your talents in each area of interest to reach your goal. Clearly, the expansion is going to model the steps it will take to meet your goal.  Your goals may not always include increasing your income.  Which is why going in the order of importance gives a  person the opportunity to expand on different areas of their life simultaneously ( unless of course, it was all about money).

goal step plan

Keep in mind that it may be key to start small. Perhaps only expand on 1 of your top 3 items. Or if you feel you can multi-task, maybe tackle 2 of them or all 3! Another helpful tip is to stay optimistic. Rome was not built in a day! Stick to your list stay positive and enjoy the experience of reaching your goals.  Enjoy the journey, as long as you stay on the path you will get there!

What steps are you taking to narrow down your interests to get focused on your goals? Comment below!




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