The body is a reflection of your thoughts. If you can think yourself into being ill you can also think yourself into being well. Everything begins with a thought.


Is it truly possible that there is a link between disease and a persons thoughts or spiritual wellness? If one takes a closer look at modern genetics; Specifically Epigenetics, one may come to a better understanding of the connection.

Our genes can be manipulated through our environment. Experiences of a Great Grand Parent can be imprinted in your DNA  and become part of your inheritance due to sensitive information being passed down in the epigenome.   However, notably, just the inheritance of a defective gene does not necessarily lead to subsequent illness. Genes must be activated (switched on or off), Resulting in only activated genes triggering a pathological change. These changes are introduced through one’s environment. On a very basic level, this environment is the environment created for our cells due to our thoughts and emotions on a chemical level.  These chemical markers or tags can affect the amount of…

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