The Ultimate Energy Vampire and the Pain Body It Creates …

What is an Energy Vampire?

There are many types of energy vampires. If you were to look it up you may find terms referring to the electric power consumed by electronic appliances while they are switched off or in a standby mode. In the basic sense of the word, we are all aware that a vampire feeds on their victims. Today this article is speaking of a person who “drains” others emotionally. They do this either empathically or metaphorically. Yet there is another type of energy vampire that is not a person at all.

The Classic Energy Vampire


The classic energy vampire is an (actual person). The classic energy vampire demands attention. They can be extremely needy and thrives on perpetual drama. Often they suffer extreme victimization and often blame others for their unhappiness. They are persons who appear to love to be sad and thrive on guilt and pity from others. They often try to extract love from other people that they do not have for themselves.

The Ultimate Energy Vampire (aka pain-body)

ultimate energy vampire

The ultimate energy vampire is not a person. There is no physical body. Even still it can be so heavily charged that it controls your life. The ultimate energy vampire is created in analogical moments of pain and suffering. During these times a person may be so engulfed in their pain that they lose track of time and that is when the energy vampire is born.

A semi-autonomous entity made up of your own pain, the ultimate energy vampire is a part of who you are. Born of pain, it can only survive and grow with more pain. Whether that be self-created pain or pain experienced by other people. It accomplishes its feed by hijacking emotional and mental bodies to seek out more pain. The key thing to recall about this non-physical form of self vampire-ism is that it thrives when a person is not fully present in the now and therefore can take over.

The Pain Body feeds off of extreme emotions. So in addition to it creating life situations and triggers to stay fed, it’s also fed through things such as road rage, movies and tv series with drama fear and suffering, sad music and negative and shocking stories on social media.

Consequences of being ruled by the pain-body

relationship vampire

The Pain body and its frequency can alter your experience of life and reality. Being led by the pain-body attracts you to people, places, things and events that resonate with the pain accumulated by it.

People in relationships have similar or identical pain-bodies created by similar painful experiences, such as fear, betrayal, abandonment, rejection, and abuse. They also have similar or even identical frequencies. Yet it is true that opposites attract. For example, if a person feels that they cannot be loved, they are likely to attract a person who feels that they cannot easily give love. A person who has fear of betrayal may attract a partner that is likely to betray them or cant be trusted.

How To Transcend The Pain Body


Most people try to repress their negative emotions. Doing so only aggravates the problem by keeping that energy stuck. Stuck energy is not being transmuted or released and typically then comes out full force causing massive chaos. Failure to Transcend the pain-body keeps persons in a low-frequency fence where they will continue to attract people places and things that are a trigger for their pain and therefore creating a karmic loop of sorts.

In his book The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle mentions that the way to transcend the pain body is to become conscious of it and remain in a state of presence when it becomes active. Being (present) is key because in that state you will not identify with the pain or negative thoughts. You only identify with the pain and negative thoughts when you are not fully present and that is when the pain-body takes over. Additionally, Gustavo Castaner, founder of Ascended Relationships adds that Gratitude and Self Love are 2 more components that are key in ascending the pain-body. Therefore living in the present in a state of gratitude and practicing self-love can help you transcend the self-created pain body.

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    In order to have healthy relationships, romantic or otherwise, living in the present in a state of gratitude while practicing self-love are key.


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