Iridology… The study of the Iris to diagnose illness

The Eyes are not only a window to the soul… They are a map of your body!

The entire body can be mapped through the Iris of the eye. Every cell in the body is visible in the Iris.  Dr. Mark James Gordon developed a map of the Iris that he lays over the eye to assist in pinpointing weak areas to diagnose disease with regards to his practice as a detoxification specialist.

eye-mapThe idea that you can look into the eye and diagnose illness is amazing. for instance the Scleral ( white part of they eye) -shows the amount of acidity in the body. If its red, the acidity level in the body is high. The  area right around the pupil ( dark part of the eye), indicates the condition of the stomach and the intestines etc… I think that alternative methods for diagnosing illness such as Iridology in combination with herbal remedies, could be a very effective tool for a healthier well-being.

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