Not Just Sex and Candy Here!

A Deeper Look at Valentines Day…The Dark Side of Love ❤

Who doesn’t love a good ole box of Candy, followed up by a little whining and dining… with all that comes with it! Yet, have you ecandykissesver wondered what the true origins of Valentines Day is? I knew that it has pagan roots and has become yet another “secular” holiday by the masses. But that’s about it specifically. Well this evening a dear family member shared a status “Feast of Lupercalia”.

Well I knew it must have something to do with the popular holiday so I googled it and WOW!  What I learned is that From Feb. 13 to 15, the Romans celebrated “the feast of Lupercalia” aka Valentines Day. The men sacrificed goats and dogs while whipping the women with hides of skin from animals they had just slain! Oh MY!

Doesn’t sound anything like Sex ad candy to me!  It’s always good to know the origins of anything you…

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