What Your Poop Reveals About Your Digestive Health…

It is being proven in many studies that Hippocrates was on to something when he said, “All disease begins in the gut”.  Problems in our gastrointestinal tract can impact many things from our moods, to our memory to our immune system.

What to Look For

One way to find out whether your gastrointestinal system is functioning optimally is by simply looking at the color of your poop.  However not just the the color; the frequency, shape and odor are important things to look out for when determining whether your gut is healthy.


poop color

  • Brown =  Normal
  • Black = Blood in the Upper GI tract
  • Green = Food Passing too quickly through GI tract
  • Light or White Colored= blockage in your bile duct
  • Yellow Greasy Stool = Too much fat in your diet.
  • Red Stool  = hemorrhoids or anal fissures





Stinky =  NORMAL.  However, unusually smelly soft runny poop can indicate an underlying problem with your intestinal health. It may be best to be seen by a physician.


It has been indicated that having bowel movements 3 times a day or 3 times per week is considered normal. Constipation occurs if there is no bowel movement for 3 straight days.

You are reading the highlights of a previously published article. For the full article click here.


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