How To Harvest And Prepare Rosemary -Along with 3 Easy DIY Recipes For Salt,Vinegar and an Antibacterial Hair-wash …

There are many health benefits that come along with Rosemary. Rosemary can assist with various ills such as indigestion, hair care, oral health and skin care. It can assist in boosting mental activity, stress ease, pain relief, and even assists in boosting the immune system.

The Fragrance and Flavor are incredible making it a favorite in most peoples gardens.  You may enjoy Rosemary in Vinegar’s and oils, Salt, and even in drinks and deserts. Although pungent there is a lot of room for versatility.

Let Start With Harvesting


Rosemary cover

Once your plant is established, you can harvest the Rosemary cuttings at any time. pruning daily (or weekly) will give you full and healthy plants.

Cut off the top 2 to 3 inches of each sprig, leaving green leaves  being careful not to cut the plant too close. You want to be sure and give it time to recover prior to cold weather setting in.


rosemary icecubes

Preserve your Rosemary by bundling the clippings with a rubber band and hanging them upside down to dry. Once the leaves are dry, in about 10 days, strip them off the stems and place in a container with a tight-fitting lid. Another great Preservation method is to freeze the Rosemary in ice-cube trays. This is an excellent way to have fresh herbs for recipe’s and different dishes.

DIY – Rosemary Recipes for Rosemary

Now that you know how to harvest and preserve your Rosemary, see the links below for 3 practical use DIY-recipe’s.

rosemary vinegar2


rosemary hair rinse 2

Rosemary Salt 2

For More Information on the Health Benefits of Rosemary and for Harvesting tips– Follow the highlighted links in this text.







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