Why Do We Sleep?

We are learning more and more why sleep is so important. According to an interesting set of recent studies,sleep provides your brain with the opportunity to essentially cleanse itself!  Think about a fish tank. If you have a tank and no filter, the fish will eventually die. So, how do the brain cells get rid of their waste? Where is their filter?…*sleep serves that function!


As humans, we spend nearly a third of our lives asleep. When we are sleep we are in a vulnerable state due to our brains being almost totally offline. Yet, remarkably, the reason we sleep is not truly known.

sleep deprivationSleep Deprivation

What is known about sleep has more to do with what happens when we don’t get enough of it. There are major damaging affects from sleep deprivation ranging from loss in memory to psychotic behavior in some. Sleep deprivation has even been linked to fatalities!

Sleep theoriesTheories on why we sleep

Although the reason we sleep is not truly known, there are many theories.  Some of those theories are as follows:

  • Inactive Theory: Sometimes called the adaptive or evolutionary theory, suggests that inactivity at night is an adaptation that served a survival function by keeping organisms out of harm’s way at times when they would be particularly vulnerable
  • Energy…

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