The Ultimate Energy Vampire and the Pain Body It Creates …

In order to have healthy relationships, romantic or otherwise, living in the present in a state of gratitude while practicing self-love is key.

What is an Energy Vampire?

There are many types of energy vampires. If you were to look it up you may find terms referring to the electric power consumed by electronic appliances while they are switched off or in a standby mode.   In the basic sense of the word, we are all aware that a vampire feeds on their victims. Today this article is speaking of a person who “drains” others emotionally. They do this either empathically or metaphorically. Yet there is another type of energy vampire that is not a person at all.

The Classic Energy Vampire


The classic energy vampire is an (actual person). The classic energy vampire demands attention. They can be extremely needy and thrives on perpetual drama. Often they suffer extreme victimization and often blame others for their unhappiness. They are persons who appear to love to be sad and thrive on guilt and pity…

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