Understanding the Difference between the Herbal and Conventional Drug approach to treatment

It’s really about Isolation Verses Synergy!


Compared to the complexity of Herbal Medicine, Conventional drugs are relatively uncomplicated to understand. This appears to be the case whether the source is synthetic or derived from natural sources (plants). This is largely due in part the differences in the approach to treatment between Herbal Medicine and Conventional drugs.

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Conventional drugs and the Isolation approach

When formulating conventional drugs, a method is used to isolate a single molecule and in some cases several molecules from a crude plant which appear to provide most or all of the beneficial factors.

Because single chemical constituents are isolated to form conventional drugs, they can be studied apart from any other factors which could interfere with the outcome or behavior. Therefore, by the time a drug is on the market, the pharmacology has been studied to the point where the responses and accuracy can be predicted.

Pros and Cons of the Isolation approach

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