How To Heal Your Body Through Drinking Water . . .

Although we all have food on our minds today… do not forget about hydration! Starting My Morning with some WATER!

70% of our Body is made up of water. Therefore, it is important to keep ourselves hydrated for proper functioning at the cellular level and beyond.  There are many benefits to drinking water. Drinking water helps to release toxins, gives us glowing skin and healthy hair, and even strengthens the immune system. Not staying properly hydrated can have long and short term effects on our body.  If dehydration has been an ongoing problem it can lead to migraines,*colitis, constipation and gastritis, sinusitis, kidney stones, diabetes, TB,  and even breast cancer.

How To Heal With Water


The absence of water clearly can wreak havoc on the body and can have both long and short term effects. The great news is that you can also use water to heal your body. To Treat your body with water :

  • Drink approximately 160 ml of water four times immediately after waking up, before brushing…

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