Can a Parents Stress Affect Their Children’s Health?

Can the stress that a parent is under affect the health of their children? According to Dr. Gabor Mate it certainly can.

In fact, he has based much of his life work around understanding the critical impact of childhood experiences on our mental and physical health, and the critical need for nurturing adults in children’s lives to guarantee healthy brain development.

Dr. Mate suggests that the stresses of modern social structures and inequities placed on families, along with the absence of non stressed parenting are proving highly destructive to children’s well being and to the future of our society.

Separating Mind From Body?

Main Stream Medicines approach to treatment is to separate the mind from the Body. looking at things strictly from a physical point of view. The Mind being treated without regards to peoples emotional or spiritual lives.

Additionally the individual is separated from the environment as if there are no effects to ones health. This however does not stand true. It has been well documented that Children born to stressed parents are more like to have asthma. So in polluted areas children of parents who are most stressed are more likely to develop asthma. Therefore, the psychological emotional states of the parents affect the physiology of the child’s lungs and ultimately physical health.

Widening The Definition Of Our Environment

The birth and death of any phenomena is connected to the birth and death of all other phenomena. As so eloquently put by Buddha, everything depends on everything else… you can’t understand anything in isolation from its environment, ‘The one contains the many and the many contains the one.’ Dr. Mate feels that the definition of our environment should be extended to include the Social Relational, interactive and cultural aspects as well.

This article is paraphrased. To See the full content and for further clarification view this video


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