How Repressing Emotions Leads To Illness…


How does the continued practice of repressing emotions, and not saying no lead to illness? This conditioning leads to illness because it affects the physiology of the body. Practices such as taking on too much responsibility and not expressing your own needs can be very damaging to ones health.

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It is becoming more and more recognized that you cannot separate the mind from the body when diagnosing and treating illness. However, we are not at the point in western medicine where if you go to a physician for a rash that you will be asked about your life and your childhood. However, physicians that understand the connection between the mind and the body know that the rash says so much about your childhood, and everything about how you live your life right now. If you go to a physician for arthritis, they are not going to ask you about your relationships, work, or how much responsibility you are taking on.

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In 1892 Dr. Sr, William Osler a Canadian physician and one of the four founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital, said that Rheumatoid Arthritis is a nervous system condition caused by worry and stress. He also said that if you want to know the likelihood of a person surviving tuberculosis, less needs to be known about whats in his lungs and more about whats in his head! He understood the connection between emotions and our physical health in a way that modern medicine is still missing. Whereas, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tribal cultures in Africa, Shamanic cultures and Ayurveda medicine of India, all see the mind and body as one unit. Interestingly enough, Western science does acknowledge the connection between the mind and the body, but it’s not accepted by Western Medicine!

The Science Behind The Claims

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What science is telling us is that the emotional centers in the brain are completely connected with the nervous system, the immune system, and the hormonal apparatus. Therefore whatever happens emotionally will show up in the immune system and in our hormones. This is apparent in the fact that if we are threatened by harm, our body react in a split second to match that need ( fight or flight). The heart rate increases, the muscles become tense, cortisol levels raise. So ultimately the physiology was changed by emotion ( feeling threatened). So clearly emotions trigger changes in the body.

The physiological changes in our body made by our emotions is something that happens 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are just not aware of it. Suppressing emotions, not being authentic, and taking on too much by not being able to say no is actually affecting ones physical health because the unity of these systems cannot be separated. There is no denying that what happens emotionally shows up physically. Repressing Emotions can lead to illness and be harmful to your health.

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