“How” To Avoid This Roadblock To Accomplish Your Goals.

On the path to realizing any goal comes the responsibility of appropriating your time and adding structure which produces efficiency. This is especially true for those working two jobs and or becoming self-employed. Being organized and recognizing any roadblocks to being efficient is key. There are many roadblocks depending on the person and many other variables. This article covers one roadblock that may be beneficial to all.

Avoid Procrastination (Now)

Everyone knows that avoiding procrastination is key to accomplishing your goals. The very statement ( Avoid Procrastination) is technically an irrational statement as avoidance is part of procrastination. However, in this case, you must avoid it as a root cause. If you are prone to procrastination these wise words do little without further instruction.

How do you avoid procrastination?

Overall the root cause for the procrastination must be addressed. Addressing the root cause is a very helpful way to avoid procrastination. Begin by making a list of the things that must be accomplished short term as in today. Then take what has to be done for that day, and (honestly prioritize what must be accomplished) by importance. This helps to avoid only doing tasks that are the ones you (prefer) to do.

Proceed to make this list work for you in identifying the root cause by honestly highlighting the things you do not want to do. Being honest with yourself at this step about (why) these are less exciting tasks is being stressed here! Being honest with yourself helps identify the root cause, which fosters accountability in a progressive mind and is key for personal growth.

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Although each step is important, the next step ranks very high! Once you identify the things you do not want to do and why you must Take Action! Action is the only way to overcome Procrastination as a Roadblock, but addressing the root cause is the ( how ) to get to start taking the necessary actions.

Once you become aware of your reasons for avoidance and take accountability for your life on a daily basis by choosing ACTION, you are able to tackle the (habit of procrastination). Doing so addresses the root cause helping you to avoid procrastination as a roadblock.

This article discussed one tip to avoid goal roadblocks. What actions do you take to avoid roadblocks on the path to accomplishing your goals? Comment below! And remember if you find this article helpful Sharing is caring!


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