Conversation With Self – Are We There Yet?

Self Reflection

Me to Myself: Are we there yet? Is it time? Mood: I’m tired of waiting!

Myself: No …We are not there yet. And the reason we aren’t there before you ask is because in order to get there we must (be) there. (Be) patient while stepping into your role!

Me: Huh?

The Message – Step Into The Role!

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You have to be what you desire. What would a person’s habits be that desires what you are seeking? For instance, You may be a person who is consistently late due to procrastination but you desire to be on time. You may take action by setting a reminder on your phone that gives you time to prepare for your appointment ahead. The result is that you leave earlier giving yourself time to make it to your appointment. By continuing to do this you begin to be a person who is on time. What happened? Action was taken. A pattern was set. and the outcome was different! You made it there! Destination: A person who arrives to places timely!

Riding The Ebb and Flow of Life

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Sometimes, we repel things by wanting them so badly. Energetically speaking its like pushing away from yourself while in a pool of water while reaching for an object. The more we reach the more it drifts away from us. When we stop reaching and are still, the item will typically drift back to us. But this takes patience. ( A time to be still)

Other times the item is within our reach. We’ve taken the (necessary) actions for where we were and now we have a paddle! Now we can move closer with ease and even use the paddle to bring it in! ( A time for take action!)

It’s not always easy to know when to act and when to be still. However patience is always key as patience is needed in order to discern the ebb and flow of situations! It’s like a dance between radical action and temperance while steering in the boat of life!

The Uncomplicated Answer

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The answer to Me, Myself, And I was to first step into the role and assume the characteristics of my desired outcome. Realize that a time for action and non action is required in order to discern the ebb and flow of life. Overall to get there you must BE there!) The reward for it all is that it doesn’t take much effort to (Be) where you are. Are you there yet!?


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