About Me…

I am a health-food and alternative medicine enthusiast, with a newly discovered love for organic foods and all things metaphysical. Currently, I am on my journey to become a certified herbalist. I have been interested in alternative medicine and herbal remedies for over 20 years and feel that this is a calling for me.

To give a little background…I found out from an aunt of mine that a Great Grandma to whom I have never met on the Haitian side of my lineage, was very knowledgeable about herbs and how to use them. My Aunt said how they missed her because she could always tell them what herbs to take for whatever ailment they may have had. I somehow resonate with that on a level that I cannot explain and feel that ancestral energy wants to manifest through me. I am honored to be chosen and called to this path. I accept!
I am currently developing an Herbal Remedies, Essential Oils, and Electric Foods directory.  Each which will come with a downloadable APP for iOS and Android. I will provide updates on the completion Via this blog.   I will not only share information on herbs, essential oils and plant-based nutrition that I learn as I progress in my studies, But I will also share information on topics I find educational, interesting and noteworthy. I invite you to follow me on my path and through my Journey!