Bringing things Full Circle

Mind Body and Soul is a Wellness Blog dedicated to sharing information on Medicinal Herbs, Natural Health Alternatives, and Holistic Remedies that sustain the Mind, Body, and Soul

Mind Body and Soul- Why does it Matter?

Mind Matters

Our Mental health encompasses our psychological, social and emotional well being. Determining everything from how we handle stress to how we relate to others. Yet, the mind is most likely to be neglected.

Body Matters…

More than Vanity! If your health fails, it overshadows every single thing that occurs in your life. Yet, most people do not think about their health until it is failing!

Soul Matters…

The soul is what integrates separate functions into a single, organic, whole being.  Therefore the soul is at the core of our existence in its deepest dimension.  If a soul is damaged or mal-functioning, our ills, values and behavior (just to name a few) will not be in agreement.  Causing chaos at the very core.  Working closely with the mind, the soul can be the Body’s road to health (or) Not! Soul Matters!